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Table 1 Previous user interest modeling research has established the significance of mapping user actions to video semantics, but there are drawbacks in all approaches

From: Collective intelligence within web video

User interest modeling Advantages Disadvantages
Ma et al. [5] Assumes that viewers are interested in particular well defined and easy to retrieve content features (e.g., faces) Content-based and thus static vocabulary of what is interesting
Shaw and Davis [17] User comments and tags Do not have time information
Shaw and Davis [17] Remix of popular video segments Only a portion of users perform re-mixes of video
Shamma et al. [19] Micro-blogs are associated to TV broadcast The timing information might not correspond to video cue time
Carlier et al. [25] Zoom denotes areas of interest within a video frame Zoom is not a common feature
Olsen and Moon [23] Interest function Explicit ratings
Peng et al. [24] Eye tracking and face recognition Web camera