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Table 1 Related research projects

From: Flexible context aware interface for ambient assisted living

Research Feedback Interface adaptation Night/Day assistance Interaction modalities
Multimodal pervasive framework for AAL [2] No Yes/Limited Day Visual
An intelligent home middleware system based on context awareness [3] No No Day Visual
Touch based user interface for elderly users [36] No No Day Visual
A multi-agent service framework for context aware elder care [16] No No Day Visual
Flexible architecture for AAL systems supporting adaptation of multi-model interfaces [37] No Yes/Limited Day Visual
NOCTURNAL [38] No Yes (different interface views) Night Visual/Auditory (Music)
Design and evaluation of a smart home voice interface for the elderly: acceptability and objection aspects [39] No No Day Auditory
Wireless sensor networks and human comfort index [40] Yes (Subject to System) No Day Visual
PUCK: an automated prompting system for smart environments: toward achieving automated prompting—challenges involved [41] No Yes/Limited Day Visual/Auditory (prompts to user)
RFID-driven situation awareness on TangiSense, a table interacting with tangible objects [42] No Yes (physical adaption of a table) Day Visual
AALFI Yes Yes Day/Night Visual/Auditory