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Table 3 Intervention details

From: Flexible context aware interface for ambient assisted living

Trigger Intervention Details Justification Time period
A main door being opened (back or front) Security Intervention Warn person door is open, tell the person that the door is closed The person may be living alone and may forget to close a door which may present a security risk Day
Time Intervention Track the time the door is open to detect possible emergencies or forgetfulness If the person leaves the door open for a long period of time, it may be due to them forgetting to close it or there could be an emergency Day
Movement being detected in the living room Interventions Living room interventions Interventions which are tailored to tasks carried out in the living room. For example, watching TV, reading books and contacting friends and family These living room interventions are tailored for day time tasks as the person s bed is located in the living room. Different Interventions are offered at night. Day
Movement detected in the hall Destination Intervention Interventions that are designed to guide the person to a particular destination. For example, kitchen, WC or living room. To guide the person to a destination during the day. Day
Subject detected to be in the kitchen during the night (complements assistance offered by NOCTURNAL) Reminder Interventions This intervention is designed to remind the person that they should be asleep and that it is beneficial to return to bed. Sitting up for long periods during the night in the kitchen may cause tiredness and this may have an effect on the person’s daily routine and in extreme cases may lead to health issues. Night