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Table 4 Feedback message details

From: Flexible context aware interface for ambient assisted living

Trigger Feedback Details Justification
Person detected to be restless several times during the night You were detected to be restless last night and may not have got enough sleep This feedback message is designed to draw the person’s attention to their restlessness that occurred during the previous night. Restlessness may lead to a lack of good quality sleep and this may have an adverse effect on the person both with their health and their daily routines.
Person leaving the back door open many times during a day The backdoor has been left open several times, please remember that this may pose a security risk. During the winter, this feedback message will include a message regarding increased heating costs. A security warning feedback message may help identify potential issues that may lead to the person being put at risk. People who live alone may face an increased risk of burglaries and leaving the back and front door open for long periods of time may lead to these occurring. During the winter, heat may be lost through an open door and this can lead to increased heating Bobs.
Going in and out of the kitchen during the morning As you have been in the kitchen several time this morning, please remember to have breakfast. This feedback may encourage the person to consume breakfast is they have not done so when they view this feedback. It may be important for a person to consume regular meals at the correct time. Therefore, during the morning if the person has been in and out of the kitchen several times, they will be given feedback that is designed to encourage the person to eat breakfast.
Leaving the fridge door open may times within a set time period Leaving the fridge door open may increase energy use and lead to food spoiling. This type of feedback is designed to encourage the person to ensure that they close the fridge door Fridges may use a lot of energy and if the door is left open for long periods of time, this energy may increase.