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Table 1 Comparison of metrics for measuring credibility of tweets

From: Detecting misinformation in online social networks using cognitive psychology

Criteria Metrics Authors Accuracy Complexity Usefulness Remarks
      for fast  
Consistency of message Retweets, mentions [7],[8],[17], [19],[22],[24] Retweets are better than mentions No Yes  
Coherency of message Questions, affirms, denial, no of words, pronouns, hashtags, URLs, exclamation marks, negative and positive sentiments, NLP techniques [7],[8], [17]-[20] Decision tree algorithms with a combination of various factors are accurate Yes Computationally intensive, requires ground truth Content analysis required. Metrics are an indirect measure
Credibility of Source Tweets, retweets, mentions, indegree, user name, image, followers, followees, age [7],[8],[17], [19],[21],[24] Retweets are more accurate No Yes  
General acceptability Retweets [7],[8] Good No Yes