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Table 1 Characteristic features and their values used in the GAMPSON

From: A method of designing a generic actor model for a professional social network

Characteristic features Sub characteristics Set Weights
1. Personally identifiable information (PerI) Name (\(per_i^1\)) {Name of the actors} 1  for  common  name
Address (\(per_i^2\)) {Home address of the actors} 1  for  common  address
IP address (\(per_i^3\)) { to FF.FF.FF.FF.FF.FF} 1  for  common  IP  address
Telephone number (\(per_i^4\)) {Telephone numbers of this actors} 1  for  common telephone  number
2. Professional Information (ProI) Education (\(pro_i^1\)) {PhD, ME, MS, BE, BS} \(15 I_{(BS)} + 16 ~I_{(BE)}\)
\(+ 17 ~I_{(MS)}+ 18 ~I_{(ME)}\)
\(+ 23 ~I_{(PhD)}\)
Occupation (\(pro_i^2\)) {Administration, Banking, Finance, Businessman} Exponential  weights
  Qualification (\(pro_i^3\)) {Number of years spent n college, equipment handled, courses,conferences} Gaussian  weights (N(0, 1))
  Role (\(pro_i^4\)) {Provider,collector,manager, security,farmer} Ordered  exponential \(weights (e^{x})\)
3. Activity (Act) Current (\(act_i^1\)) {Research activity, course, teaching, session conduction, group seminar, meetings} Priority weights
  Past (\(act_i^2\)) {joint number of publications, research topics undertaken, conference attended, positions held} Rank of activity  
4. History (Hist) History of actor (\(hist_i\)) {coordination, interactions, worked on similar project, research similarity, published, papers} Gaussian  weights (N(0, 1))