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Table 2 Actors and their characteristic features used in the agriculture social network

From: A method of designing a generic actor model for a professional social network

Group Actor Characteristic features
Scientist (S) Principal scientist (PS) {EFG, No.23(BR),, 080−4625, PhD and ME, administrator, collector, publications}
Junior scientist 1 (JS1) {ABC, No.29(BR), 128.336.12.1, 080−2247, ME, conference, collector, publications}
Junior scientist 2 (JS2) {FGI, No.17(BR), 182.693.25.78, ME, collector, publications}
Project assistant 1 (PA1) {XYZ, 22nd street(BR),, 080−5698, BE, conference}
Project assistant 2 (PA2) {HIK, No.102(BR), BE, collector, publications}
Senior scientist {BCD, No.12(BR), PhD,, 080−4631, academic, courses, provider, meetings, interaction}
Lab helper {GHI,No.66(BR),interactions,coordination}
Lab peon {ABD, No.130(BR), coordination,}
Banker (B) Bank owner {CDE, 144th street(DC,, 066−4562, banking, administrator, conferences}
Chairman {EFL, 132th street(DC), 456.289.27.36, 066−4532, banking, meetings, coordination}
Director {YPR, 122th street(DC), 465.236.59.45, 060−6421, banking, meetings, interactions}
CEO {GPL, 103th street(DC), 456.13.465.44, 060−8456, banking, meetings, interactions}
Manager {NDK, 102th street(DC),, 060−4452, banking, manager, coordination}
Assistant manager {AST, 82th street(DC),, 060−7896, banking, manager, interactions}
Clerk (CL) {CLK, 12th street(DC),, 060−4861, banking, collector, coordination}
Peon {PEO, No.3 block2(DC), provider, interactions}
Farmer (F) Head farmer {HEF, 15th street(LA), 456.12.354.36, collector, finance}
Accountant {CDF, 21st block(LA),,080−4697, collector, courses, coordination, hindu}
Caretaker {JFK, 55th street(LA), 080−4972, collector, equipment, handling}
Farm manager {IJK, 43rdavenue(LA),,080−7895, finance, meeting,session conduction}
Labour (L) Labourer in charge {VWX,45th(BR), 080−6348, businessman, coordination, christian}
Packager {STU,25th(BR), 080−4589, businessman, interaction}
Processor {LMN, 25th(BR), 080−4561,BE, equipment handling, interactions, christian}
Distributor {ABL, 23rd(BR), 080−1523, businessman, provider, interactions}
Seller {DEF, 55 street(LA), 080−4563, finance, session, conduction, interaction, christian}