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Table 3 Actors and their characteristic features used in the museum social network

From: A method of designing a generic actor model for a professional social network

Group Actor Characteristic features
Group 1 (G1) \(a_1G_1\) \(\{ABCD, No.1135 (NJ),, 084{-}4562, PhD ~and ~ME, christian\}\)
  \(a_2G_1\) \(\{BCDE, No.4568 (BR),, 097{-}1541, ME, hindu\}\)
  \(a_3G_1\) \(\{CDEF, No.8954 (NJ),, 145{-}4569, ME, sikh\}\)
  \(a_4G_1\) \(\{DEFG, 44nd ~street(DC),, 986{-}4568, BE, christian\}\)
  \(a_5G_1\) \(\{EFGH, No. 51 (NJ),, 965{-}4512, BE, sikh\}\)
  \(a_6G_1\) \(\{FGHI, No.57 (BR),, 789{-}4563, PhD, christian\}\)
Group 2 (G2) \(a_1G_2\) \(\{GHIJ, No.77 (NJ),, 147{-}6932, 8th ~std. ~1st ~class, hindu \}\)
  \(a_2G_2\) \(\{HIJK, No. 76 (BR),, 489{-}1254, 10th ~std. ~2nd ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_3G_2\) \(\{IJKL, 148th ~street (DC),, 189{-}1234, 4th ~std. ~2nd ~class, hindu\}\)
  \(a_4G_2\) \(\{JKLM, 139th ~street (BR),, 478{-}0258, 10th ~std. ~1st ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_5G_2\) \(\{KLMN, 127th ~street (NJ),, 741{-}1234, 12th ~std. ~2nd ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_6G_2\) \(\{LMNO, 104th ~street (BR),, 982{-}4568, 10th ~std. ~1st ~class, christian\}\)
Group 3 (G3) \(a_1G_3\) \(\{MNOP, 118th ~street (NJ),, 698{-}4782, 9th ~std. ~2nd ~class, hindu \}\)
  \(a_2G_3\) \(\{NOPQ, 87th ~street (BR),, 634{-}7451, 6th ~std. ~1st ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_3G_3\) \(\{OPQR, 82th ~street (DC),, 742{-}1453, 11th ~std. ~3rd ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_4G_3\) \(\{PQRS, No.31 ~block2 (DC),, 486{-}1287, 4th ~std. ~1st ~class, hindu\}\)
  \(a_5G_3\) \(\{QRST, 19th ~street (LA),, 489{-}1784, 3rd ~std. ~1st ~class, christian \}\)
  \(a_6G_3\) \(\{RSTU, 53st ~block (LA), 376.45.25.41, 965{-}1854, BE, sikh\}\)
Group 4 (G4) \(a_1G_4\) \(\{STUV, 47th ~street (LA),, 789{-}9856, 12th ~std. ~2nd ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_2G_4\) \(\{TUVW, 23rd avenue (NJ),, 863{-}1789, 8th ~std. ~1st ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_3G_4\) \(\{UVWX, 44th (BR),, 983{-}4856, ME, hindu\}\)
  \(a_4G_4\) \(\{VWXY, 88th (DC),, 489{-}6523, 5th ~std. ~1st ~class, hindu\}\)
  \(a_5G_4\) \(\{WXYZ, 47th (BR),, 685{-}2645, BE, christian\}\)
  \(a_6G_4\) \(\{XYZA, 63rd (DC),, 698{-}7845, 12th ~std. ~2nd ~class, christian\}\)
  \(a_7G_4\) \(\{YZAB, 41 ~street (LA),, 687{-}1512, 10th ~std. ~1st ~class, hindu\}\)