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Table 2 List of data sensors

From: Modeling and discovering human behavior from smartphone sensing life-log data for identification purpose

No. Name of probes Explanation Used
On request data  
1. SimpleLocationProbe GPS data (user location) X
2. WifiProbe Nearby Wi-Fi signals X
3. BluetoothProbe Nearby Bluetooth signals X
4. BatteryProbe Battery status X
Historical data  
1. CallLogProbe User call log X
2. SmsProbe User SMS log X
3. ApplicationsProbe List of application installed  
4. HardwareInfoProbe User’s smartphone hardware info  
5. BrowserBookmarksProbe User Bookmarks  
6. BrowserSearchesProbe User Browser log  
7. ContactProbe User contact (phonebook)  
Continuous data  
1. LightSensorProbe Measures the ambient light level (illumination) in lx  
2. ProximitySensorProbe Measures the proximity of an object in cm relative to the view screen of a device  
3. TemperatureSensorProbe Measures the temperature of the device in degrees Celsius (°C)  
4. MagneticFieldSensorProbe Measures the ambient geomagnetic field (x, y, z) in μT  
5. PressureSensorProbe Measures the ambient air pressure in hPa or mbar.  
6. ScreenProbe Screen phone (on and off) X
7. RunningApplicationsProbe List of running applications X
8. ActivityProbe User activity log based on accelerometer sensor (none, low, and high activity) X