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Table 5 Sample negative comments regarding various aspects of design/layout

From: How does this message make you feel? A study of user perspectives on software update/warning message design

Response Image #
It’s not even clear that this message is an alert. It seems like a greeting or fyi until you see the “update now” button 01
There is no ’remind me later’ button 01
Reading white on red is difficult 02
The one color background. It is unappealing, no matter how much it caught my eye 02
The message does not make it clear to users who aren’t as computer savvy that it is an update to Internet Explorer. By displaying a button that says “Install” I’m tempted to ignore it because I tend to ignore random pop-ups that ask me to install things as they tend to be random software I do not want 03
Though it’s pleasant and there’s not much to complain about, I suppose it’s a bit bland. Something about the same sized text and same font throughout the message (plus the calm blue background) make it very boring 03
Boring colors. Too much writing at the top to understand what it means 04
I dislike that this message almost seems fake or like a virus. I also have almost no clue what they are talking about in the first few sentences 04
It has lots of small print that makes it more annoying than anything. I don’t like to read blocks of print like that 04
I don’t like the interface. It looks like a virus 05
I get distracted by the border 05
Is that a biohazard symbol? 05
The yellow bars make the warning very obvious. I don’t like that the “Ignore” button is so close to the others. “Ignore” should be of a smaller size and require you to verify that you wish ignore the alert. It’s not clear to those technologically-illiterate what they need to do in this scenario 05
Again, like FireFox: too many boxes within boxes. The colors seem mismatched. I see a green bar that says I’m protected, so why do I still need this update (just pointing out that this makes it less important and less urgent)? 08
Simplistic is nice, but I’d like at least a tiny link so I can try to learn more about this update. 09
Small words, lots of blank space 11
The formatting is pretty bad. Now here, there is a tiny bit of text. Within a border. Within a box. Between some lines. Within a window. It’s a bit too much packaging for too little information. 12
Not noticeable and uninformative 14
Very cluttered. Too many choices. I am not going to take the time to scroll. A list would be better. The icon on the left is not necessary. It takes up half the message 10