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Table 7 Sample positive comments regarding various aspects of message content

From: How does this message make you feel? A study of user perspectives on software update/warning message design

Response Image #
The message is small and attractive and appears legitimate 01
Short, simple, explains its reasoning and what I will be getting from the update 03
It shows clearly what software is being updated 01
Lists specifics of what will be updated and fixed 03
The message was very clear in what the software was going to do. I also liked how it stated “let’s get started”. That just seems a little better in the phrasing to me 03
Said what it is actually fixing 04
Tells you what it is changing 04
Identifies reason of urgency 02
Tells me it is important and needs to be done now so I do not just x out and have my computer become vulnerable 02
I like how the top gives a little phrase about what is wrong and then goes in detail below 02
Tells you why it is important not to skip the update 02
The content was good and very informative 04
Since this is a risky situation, I like that they made it striking visually so that you can tell it’s something dangerous and important. 05
I like how it tells you how much space it will use 06
Simple and easy to read 06
That it tells you there may be charges and exactly how much memory it is going to use and what it is going to reset 06
Gives me the time and date of last update also the history and access to the settings of these warnings 08
It says how long it has been since virus definitions have been updated. This provides a sense of urgency for the user. Sense of urgency is probably most critical when considering an update. 08
Orange frame mentions me this is an important message 08
That it tells me that it is because you haven’t updated recently 08
It is telling you what it’s going to do when you install it and that theres a privacy statement you can read 10
The fact it seems like the learn more about the update opens in the same window, and tells you that there was something wrong in the previous version. 11
I like that FireFox takes you to a new page after you update with a debrief of new features. They also make it enticing to update by saying it’s “6× faster” 12