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Table 1 Service quality model compilation

From: Featuring the e-service quality of online website from a varied perspective

Model Construct Definition
SERVQUAL Reliability Shopping site offers reliability and the ability to service commitments
Responsiveness Shopping site is willing to help customers and provide prompt service
Assurance Shopping site offers security and privacy of transactions capabilities
Empathy Shopping site cares and attends to the ability of customers
Tangible Interface design and architecture of shopping site
QES Environment quality The appearance of the user interface
Delivery quality Interaction between the customer and the website during the service process
Outcome quality Consumer’s measure of service outcome after receiving the service
WPI System availability Website’s technical function and performance
Ease of use Users can easily use the site
Usefulness Website can provide useful information
Navigational challenge Overall navigation structure of the site allows users to easily navigate
Website design The external design of the website
Content quality Website can provide accurate and useful product information
Enjoyment The interactive pleasures between the users and the website
Trust Website gives users a sense of security and trust worthy