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Table 2 LCS grammar for travel agency scenario

From: Incremental stages of a semantic framework for automating the changes on long term composed services

Grammar Explanation Current composition Change request
L → (S1.S2). ((S3.S4)*S5) S1 = login   (op1/op2)/((op3/op4)*op6)
S1 → OP1 S2 = book flight ticket  
S2 → OP2 S3 = book cab  
S3 → OP3 S4 = book hotel  
S4 → OP4 S5 = weather services (op1/op2)/((op3/op4)*op5)
S5 → OP5 OP1 = get_credentials  
S6 → OP6 OP2 = get_cust details  
  OP3 = get_flightdetails  
  OP4 = get_returndate  
  OP5 = get_temperature