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TableĀ 2 Structure-based categorization of medical data

From: A convergence data model for medical information related to acute myocardial infarction

Category General definition Medical data
Structured data (S) Data which resides in a fixed field with specifications or forms EMR Data which is stored in a certain field in EMR system
Meta-data Meta-data of clinical materials like reports, images, or videos
Semi-structured data (SS) Data that does not have fixed formats, but have some kinds of schema or organizational properties Annotation Additional explanation that experts manually write for images or videos. They are text descriptions, but written with certain patterns or forms
Comments of medical experts Texts that medical experts write in medical reports. Generally they are treated as unstructured data, but medical texts have regular patterns or rules
Unstructured data (U) Data which has no identifiable format or structure Images/videos Images or videos generated from medical examinations