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Table 4 Analysis of data in CAG report

From: A convergence data model for medical information related to acute myocardial infarction

Element   Value
Institution Hospital name (String)
Tel number (Number)
FAX number (Number)
Hospital number (Number)
Patient Name (String)
Age (Number)
Sex (M/F)
ID number (Number)
Address (String)
Tel number (Number)
CAG Examination Hospital (String)
Study date (Date)
Catheterization number (Number)
Referring doctor (String)
Attending doctor (String)
Operator (String)
Physical examination Blood pressure (Number)
Pulse rate (Number)
Breathing sound (String)
Heart sound (String)
EKG (String)
Past history Attitude to chest pain (String)
Hypertension (String)
Diabetes mellitus (String)
Ex-smoke (String)
Current-smoke (String)
Chest pain start/first/recent (String)
Diagnosis Left coronary artery (String)
Right coronary artery (String)
Angiographic diagnosis (String)
Clinical diagnosis (String)
Recommendation (String)
Doctor Attending physician (String)
Cardiology fellow (String)
Cardiology resident (String)
Procedure Purposed site (String)
Punctured site (String)
Technique (String)
Equipment (String)
Catheter (String)
Patient’s tolerance (String)