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Table 4 Frequencies of codes in each category being applied to participants’ reasons for using or not using password manager along with sample responses

From: An investigation into users’ considerations towards using password managers

  Reason Count Sample response
Users Convenience 49 (80.0%) "Because I just have so many accounts that writing them down like I had been doing was just getting to be too much"
“To help me remember passwords”
“It’s convenient and easy to use”
“Because it is hard to remember so many different passwords”
“To remember complex passwords”
Security 15 (24.59%) “It makes my password use more secure”
“More secure than trying to write passwords down and more accurate than having to remember passwords”
“It’s easier to manage all accounts. Complex passwords can also be generated and remembered in the service/program itself”
Other 1 (1.6%) “Work related purposes”
Security concerns 51 (45.94%) “Single point of failure”
“I think that it is risky to have all of my passwords in one place, and I do not want to do it. I’d rather memorize them”
“I feel they aren’t secure”
“I don’t use it for sites I need the most security on, like my bank”
Non-users Lack of need 47 (42.34%) “I can remember my passwords without the use of one”
“I start on PC in the mid 70s and from the start I use a book for login and passwords"'
“I’m not sure. I just prefer to keep a variety of passwords and keep track of them on my own”
Lack of time/motivation 12 (10.81%) “Haven’t bothered to learn enough about it yet, too lazy I suppose”
“It’s sometimes a hassle and I’m in a hurry”
Inconvenience and usability concern 10 (9.0%) “It seems inconvenient”
  1. Please note that the numbers do not add up to 100% since a participant’s response can contain multiple reasons