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Table 7 Statements that were shown to both “users” and “non-users” in a grid format.

From: An investigation into users’ considerations towards using password managers

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
I am doing a good job of protecting my computer security \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I could do more to protect my accounts \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I do not have time to pay attention to security \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I do not feel that my accounts are likely to be attacked \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I do not know where to get computer security advice \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I am knowledgeable about computer security \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I care about computer security \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I trust my computer \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
I am worried about the security of some of my account/devices more than others. \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)
Passwords are easy to remember \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\) \(\bigcirc\)