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Table 5 NASA-TLX used in subjects’ collaborative mental workload assessment [7]

From: Rethinking self-reported measure in subjective evaluation of assistive technology

Scale Description
Coordination demand How much coordination activity was required (e.g., correction, adjustment)? Were the coordination demands to work as a team low or high, infrequent or frequent?
Communication demand How much communication activity was required (e.g., discussing, negotiating, sending and receiving messages)? Were the communication demands low or high, infrequent or frequent, simple or complex?
Time sharing demand How difficult was it to share and manage time between task work (work done individually) and teamwork (work done as a team)? Was it easy or hard to manage individual tasks and those tasks requiring work with other team members?
Team effectiveness How successful do you think the team was in working as a team? How satisfied were you with the team related aspects of performance?
Team support How difficult was it to provide and receive support (providing guidance, helping team members, providing instructions, etc.) from team members? Was it easy or hard to support/guide and receive support/guidance from other team members?
Team dissatisfaction How emotionally draining and irritating versus emotionally rewarding and satisfying was it to work as a team?