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Table 1 Questionnaire constructs and items

From: Handpad: a virtual mouse for controlling laptops in a smart home

Construct Item
Performance expectancy P1: I found the system useful/useless in fulfilling the purpose of the activity
P2: Using the system enabled me to accomplish tasks more quickly/slowly
P3: Using the system increased/decreased my productivity
Effort expectancy E1: My interaction with the system was clear and understandable
E2: It would be easy/difficult for me to become skilled in using the system
E3: I found the system easy/difficult to use
E4: Learning to operate the system was easy/difficult for me
Attitude toward using technology Al: Using the system is a bad/good idea
A2: The system makes tasks more/less interesting
A3: Using the system is fun/boring
A4: I like/dislike using the system
Social influence S1: People who influence my behavior would be impressed/unimpressed if they saw me using the system
S2: People who are important to me would be impressed/unimpressed if they saw me using the system
S3: I would be impressed/unimpressed with someone if I saw him or her using the system
S4: I think/don’t think people who use the system have more prestige than those who do not
Facilitating conditions F1: I have/don’t have the resources necessary to use the system
F2: I have/don’t have the knowledge necessary to use the system
F3: The system is/is not compatible with other systems I use
Self-efficacy I could complete a job or task using this system..
SE1: if there were no one around to tell me what to do as I go
SE2: if I could call someone for help if I got stuck
SE3: if I had a lot of time to complete the task for which the software was provided
SE4: if I had only the built-in help facility for assistance
Anxiety ANX1: I feel apprehensive/fearless about using the system
ANX2: It scares me to think that I could lose a lot of information using the system by hitting the wrong key
ANX3: I hesitate to use the system for fear of making mistakes I cannot correct
ANX4: The system is somewhat intimidating/encouraging to me
Behavioral intention BI1: I would/wouldn’t like to use the system