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Table 1 The list of symbols used in the algorithm

From: A slave ants based ant colony optimization algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing environments

Symbol Definition
T i Task, i {1, 2, …, n}
R j Resource, j {1, 2, …, m}
S A set of nodes an ant traveled
\(\eta\) i,j The importance between node i and j
p i,j The probability that an ant transits from node i to j
τ i,j The amount of pheromones between T i and R j
q 0 The probability parameter for host ants
s n The probability parameter for slave ants, n {1, 2, …, k}
k The number of slave ants of a host ant
α, β The parameters that determine pheromones and reinforcement
\(\upphi\) The parameter for local pheromones evaporation
d The parameter for acceleration of local pheromones evaporation
p The parameter for global pheromones evaporation