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TableĀ 6 Paraphrased identified usability problem

From: Qualitative usability feature selection with ranking: a novel approach for ranking the identified usability problematic attributes for academic websites using data-mining techniques

Category Subset of problematic usability attributes Usability problem pattern Frequency (1 to 10) Justification Evaluation team comment Recommendation
Content 1. Multi_Language,
2. Scope_of_Multi_Language,
3. Communication_with_Site_Owner
4. Date_of_Last_Update_Available,
5. Online_User_Feedback
1. The absence of Multi_Language is related with absence of Scope_of_Multi_Language 9 Association rules #1 to #4, #6 to #8, #10 and #15 The multi-language support is identified as one of the usability problematic patterns on academic websites Recommend a multi-language support to ensure the high scope of the multi-language feature on most of the web-pages of websites