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Table 4 A side-by-side comparison of the important factors in the signature-based detection of each article

From: A state-of-the-art survey of malware detection approaches using data mining techniques

Case study Classification approach Data analysis method Used dataset Total dataset Accuracy
Polymorphic Malware Detection [25] K-means Dynamic ClamAV, VirusTotal, 2876 99
Android malware detection [19] SVM Dynamic Google play store 5494 94
Graph malware detection [3] Graph-SVM Dynamic Windows DLL calls 6671 88
Droid malware detection [11] SVM Dynamic Windows API library 7000 98
API malware detection [23] Naive Bayes and Decision Tree—SVM Dynamic Google play store 7000 95
N-grams malware detection [20] SVM Dynamic Google play store 658 97
Smartphone malware detection [29] K-means—artificial immune system Hybrid Android malware database XVNA 1300 89.8
Symbolic aggregate approximation for malwares [30] Naive Bayes and SVM Dynamic Offensive computing and VX heavens library 8100 95.83
Service-Oriented mobile malware detection [31] Naive Bayes and Decision Tree Hybrid Key Laboratory of Network Security, Fujian Normal University 3000 97.3
Sequential pattern mining [32] All-Nearest-Neighbor, KNN, SVM J48 Hybrid VXHeaven website 3200 95.2
Frequent pattern mining [33] Minimal contrast frequent subgraphs Static Several websites 2083 92
Multi-objective evolutionary detection [34] Multi-objective evolutionary by GA Static Viruseshair and VirusTotal websites 9383 95.15
Opcode sequences [35] K-nearest neighbors and SVM Hybrid VxHeavens website 2000 92.9
Mobile android [24] SVM Hybrid Contagio Blogger and VirusTotal Web sites 2500 98.7
Signature and Heuristic-based Malware Detection [36] SVM, J48, KNN, Decision tree and Random tree Hybrid M0DROID website 500 99.81
A multi-view [15] context-aware approach to Android malware detection Multiple Kernel Learning, SVM Static Google Play, AndroidDrawer, FDroid 6056 98.05
Hybrid pattern based text mining approach [17] ANN, malicious sequential pattern based malware detection Hybrid Viruseshair and VirusTotal websites 8000 98.89
Android malware detector with control flow patterns [37] Droid, CFGO-IL Static Several websites 3158 93.57
Hybrid malware detection with binary associative memory [13] MLP, SVM, Naïve Bayes, J48 Hybrid VX Heaven website 52,183 98.6