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Table 2 Characteristics and covered topics of the six winner projects

From: Collaborative design of software applications: the role of users

  Project title and focus Track Rank Topic
1. I mestieri di Unibo (Unibo Jobs) focuses on future work opportunities of graduated students, connecting professional perspectives to programmes A 1 A, B, D, F
2. AlmaMatch suggests to use clustering and classification algorithms to find similar programmes and provide potential users with a conceptual map instead of a traditional programmes catalogue A 2 A, F
3. Unibo International describes an app to support international students in overcoming specific issues (such as obtaining VISAs, finding home, learn Italian) A 3 G, E B, H
4. AlmaOrienteering is an Android app with many features including: a guide to AlmaOrienta fair, a chat to talk with course tutors, an organized view of the course catalogue, a set of metrics to compare similar courses on the basis of performance parameters B 1 A, B, D, E, H
5. Universitalk is an Android app devoted to support users in studying for the different admission tests. It includes some gamification features in order to keep the user engaged in exploiting some trial tests B 2 C
6. Smartsearch is a webapp based on a crowdsourcing classification of programmes and a semantic search engine B 3 A