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Table 3 Part 2 survey questions (and answer models)

From: Collaborative design of software applications: the role of users

Nr. Issue Answer model
1. User’s satisfaction I’ve enjoyed the application Likert scale
2. User’s satisfaction The application meets my expectation Likert scale
3. User’s satisfaction The application is boring Likert scale
4. User’s satisfaction I would like to use the application to choose my undergraduate programme/get confident with my hosting city and university during my exchange programme Likert scale
5. Ease of use The application is simple Likert scale
6. Ease of use I have completed all the tasks without having troubles Likert scale
7. Ease of use Learning to use the application required a lot of time Likert scale
8. Ease of use The user interface looks pleasant Likert scale
9. Other issues Thanks to the application, I would learn some new and unexpected concepts and information Likert scale
10. Other issues I would like to have other social networks integrated in the application Likert scale
11. Other issues Some important functionalities are missing in the application Likert scale
12. Other issues Which additional functionalities and/or services would you like to exploit in the application? Open question
13. Users’ involvement The application reflects users’ engagement in the design phase Likert scale
14. Users’ involvement I have appreciated being involved in the design process of the application/I would like to be involved in the design process of the application Likert scale