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Table 1 Demographic information of participants

From: User-centered design of a depth data based obstacle detection and avoidance system for the visually impaired

ID Age range (years) Year in Bachelors’ program Degree of visual impairment Congenitally VI? Financial support from government?
LV1 18–25 Senior LV Yes Yes
LV2 18–25 Junior LV No Yes
LV3 18–25 Sophomore LV Yes Yes
LV4 18–25 Junior LV Yes Yes
LV5 18–25 Senior LV Yes Yes
LV6 26–35 Sophomore LV Yes Yes
BL1 18–25 Sophomore BL No Yes
BL2 18–25 Sophomore BL No Yes
BL3 26–35 Junior BL Yes Yes
BL4 18–25 Sophomore BL Yes No
  1. LV extreme low vision with some color and light perception, BL blind