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Table 3 Expression specific 3D face databases [6]

From: 3D face recognition: a survey

Name Expressions
FSU Neutral, smile, scared, angry, squint, frown
GavabDB Neutral, smile, accentuated laugh, random gesture
FRGC v 2.0 Neutral, surprise, happy, puffy cheeks, anger, frown
BU3D-FE Neutral, angry, fear, sadness, disgust, happiness, surprise
CASIA Neutral, smile, eyes closed, anger, laugh, surprise
FRAV3D Neutral, smile, open mouth, and gesture
ND2006 Neutral, surprise, sadness, disgust, happiness, undetermined
ZJU-3DFED Neutral, smile, surprise, sad
Bosphorus Neutral, happy, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise
UoY Neutral, eyes closed, eyebrows raised, happy, anger
Texas-3D Neutral, smile/talk with open/closed eyes and/or open/closed mouth
UMB-3D Neutral, smile, angry, bored
3D-TEC Neutral, smile