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Table 5 Results of MOP indicators under different parameter values in the proposed method

From: Improved multiobjective salp swarm optimization for virtual machine placement in cloud computing

  \(a=1.5\)   \(a=0.5\)   
EPS 1.40E−01 1.6E−01 EPS 1.63E−01 1.2E−01
Spread 8.79E−01 2.5E−03 Spread 9.51E−01 1.5E−01
GD 4.79E−03 7.9E−03 GD 5.18E−03 5.9E−03
HV 6.62E−01 3.0E−03 HV 6.16E−01 5.3E−03
IGD 8.38E−03 4.7E−03 IGD 2.04E−02 2.3E−02
  \(N_S =200\)   \(N_S =50\)   
EPS 3.47E−02 2.9E−02 EPS 1.71E−01 7.1E−02
Spread 7.89E−01 3.0E−02 Spread 9.37E−01 6.5E−02
GD 1.32E−03 1.6E−03 GD 6.08E−03 8.6E−03
HV 6.83E−01 2.3E−03 HV 6.04E−01 6.5E−02
IGD 1.12E−03 4.2E−03 IGD 9.37E−03 2.9E−03
  g \(max =50\)   g \(max =200\)
EPS 9.47E−01 5.7E−02 EPS 8.36E−02 5.6E−02
Spread 9.14E−01 8.3E−02 Spread 8.44E−01 1.7E−02
GD 1.54E−02 5.3E−03 GD 1.18E−03 4.7E−03
HV 6.37E−01 7.3E−02 HV 7.45E−01 5.0E−03
IGD 9.66E−03 5.7E−03 IGD 1.16E−03 4.5E−03