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Table 6 Results of changing the number of VMs and PMs

From: Improved multiobjective salp swarm optimization for virtual machine placement in cloud computing

  Power consumption SLVA MTBHS EPS Spread GD HV IGD
VM500-PM200 26.03 10.48 8371.35 7.43E−02 7.20E−01 3.01E−03 4.92E−01 2.61E−03
VM600-PM300 36.71 10.81 7318.01 4.56E−02 9.17E−01 4.85E−03 6.91E−01 1.39E−03
VM1000-PM400 59.24 11.44 6038.51 1.44E−01 7.23E−01 9.79E−03 2.17E−01 2.26E−03