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Table 1 Types of interactions when gesture is used with speech: Gesture-Speech Cooperative Interaction

From: Go together: providing nonverbal awareness cues to enhance co-located sensation in remote communication

User Type of interaction Example of gesture Example of speech
Both Direction guidance Showing with arm “This way”
Both Direct partner’s attention Pointing with finger “Look at that”
Both Establishing visual annotation Counting fingers “One, two, three…”
Indoor Instructions related to an object Pointing with finger (Pointing Cue used) “Pick up this cup”
Indoor Instructions related to adjusting the objects Showing the palm and turning it over “Turn to the other side”
Indoor Instructions related to the size Showing approximate size with two hands “It’s this wide”
Indoor Confirmation to walking user Thumb up/ring gesture “Yes, it’s good”
Walking Query to indoor user Pick up the object “Is this correct?”
Walking Instructions related to an object Holding a object and turn it to different sides “Look at this side”