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TableĀ 6 An illustrative example of classification results

From: Research paper classification systems based on TF-IDF and LDA schemes

Cluster # Keyword Paper title
1 Cloud bigdata Uploading multiply deferrable big data to the cloud platform using cost-effective online algorithms, 2017
Scalable and efficient whole-exome data processing using workflows on the cloud, 2016
2 IoT privacy Evolving privacy from sensors to the Internet of Things, 2017
L2P2 A location-label based approach for privacy preserving in LBS, 2017
A comprehensive approach to privacy in the cloud-based Internet of Things, 2016
3 IoT security privacy A risk analysis of a smart home automation system, 2016
CLAPP A self constructing feature clustering approach for anomaly detection, 2017
Midgar study of communication security among smart objects using a platform of heterogeneous devices for the Internet of Things, 2017