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Table 1 Example: Three actors defined based on HFC characteristics

From: Cybersecurity profiles based on human-centric IoT devices

Characteristic Denise Cantora Bob Protocolo Clark Firewall
Habits 9:30–14:30: working 9:30–14:30: working 15:30–18:30: working
Hobbies: marketing, management, office Hobbies: Recipes, desserts Hobbies: Hacking, security
Technical Skills Apps: OpenOffice, Thunderbird Apps: OpenOffice, Tunderbird Apps: fcrackzip, Thunderbird
Role: user Role: user Role: admin
Devices PC={IP:, OS:Win10(user)} PC={IP:, OS:Win7(user)} PC={IP:, OS:Ubu10(admin)}
Smartphone(own), USB (shr) Smartphone(own), USB(shr) Smartphone(own), USB(shr)
USB Printer Router(admin)= {IP:}
Allow(admin)={Denise’s PC; Bob’s PC}
Rubber Ducky
Exposure WebActivity: high WebActivity: high WebActivity: high
Character: distrustful Character: friendly Character: trusted
Salary: very good Salary: low Salary: very low
Job: AC Directive Job: Creative Job: Technician
Past: None Past: betrayed the company Past: None
Motivation Personal Economical, revenge Economical, challenge
Privacy vid: dcantora vid: bprotocolo vid: cfirewall
Domain: Domain: Domain:
pol:null pol:null pol:null
Security AC: user mode AC: User mode AC: Admin
pol: Default pol: Default pol: Default
dem: null dem: null dem: null
idps: Win.Defender dem: Win7 Firewall dem: Ubu18 Firewall
Tools: Secure Erasure
Relationships Contacts: Bob Protocolo, Clark Firewall Contacts: Abuela Cantora, Denise Cantora Contacts: Denise Cantora
Family: Abuela Cantora Family: Alice Protocolo  
Friends Friends: Clark Firewall Friends: Bob Protocolo, Sue Picious
  1. own owner, shr shared, vid virtual id, id identificator, pol policy, AC access control, dem digital evidence management, idps intrusion detection and prevention system