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Table 7 Examples of hateful comments from each platform

From: Developing an online hate classifier for multiple social media platforms

 Comment textPlatform
1this is disgusting and heartbreaking. They should do the same shit to the cops of what they did to that poor guy. 10 s of pepper spray directly into the face, run over foot etc. equal it up a little bit, except for the detail of having a fucking stroke. So it still wouldn’t be exactly what the guy went through. Fucking discusting. They get a hard on power tripping others. They are just fucking cowardsYouTube
2Fuck that cop. Nothing but a fucking thugYouTube
3Fucking piece of shit cops, protect and serve my assYouTube
4Land of the free… My fucking ass. America is one hell of a shit hole where its full of dumb sheeple believing in fictional fox news and cops who kill and terrorise more per day than terrorists in this whole world combinedYouTube
5That stupid bitch Sally to just die. I know he’s cheating on me with her, I’ve seen the texts on his phone. It’s just a matter of time until she fucks up though!Reddit
6Yeah, you’re not projecting at all… ??? This still doesn’t make any sense… nobody even suggested your choice had anything whatsoever to do with lack of opportunity, lol. But whatever, it was obvious from the original comment I replied to you’re not exactly a very rational human being, so, cheers broReddit
7Nope, I swallowed your moms pussy while she was snickering. The things I do for money but your dad was happy to pay it. To bad she was cryingReddit
8Old bitch:”Is this salmon gluten free?” Me: “ma’am gluten is a protein found is wheat and isn’t present in any meat” Old bitch: “I ASKED YOU IF THIS SALMON HAS GLUTEN IN IT!” Me:”………” Old bitch: “what good are you?”Reddit
9Nuke town that pussyTwitter
10Lovin hoes but thats same bitch we put the pipe in. She suckin dick, thats the same bitch you give goodnight kissTwitter
11Old hoes get mad when you don’t show them the attention they wantTwitter
12RT @slimthugga: U a nurse 😂RT @Blaccstone: @slimthugga you a clown boy You music is trash…. I dare you say something back I bury your Bit&#8230Twitter
13All of my edits are good. Cunts like you who revert good edits because you’re too stupid to understand how to write well, and then revert other edits just because you’ve decided to bear a playground grudge, are the problem. Maybe 1 day you’ll realise the damage you did to a noble projectWikipedia
14You should do something nice for yourself, maybe go grab a couple of Horny Goat Weeds from your local convenience store and jack off for a little longer than 3 min tonightWikipedia
15I’m sorry I screwed around with someones talk page. It was very bad to do. I know how having the templates on their talk page helps you assert your dominance over them. I know I should bow down to the almighty administrators. But then again, I’m going to go play outside….with your momWikipedia
16Would you both shut up, you don’t run wikipedia, especially a stupid kidWikipedia