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Table 1 Definition of variables

From: Intelligent data cache based on content popularity and user location for Content Centric Networks

\(G\)Given undirected graph
\(V\)A set of routers
\(E\)A set of links between routers
\(R_{j}\)Total requested number of type \(j\) data
\(r_{ij}\)Requested number type \(j\) data on router \(z_{i}\)
\(C\)Released cache capacity of all routers
\(c_{i}\)Released cache capacity of router \(z_{i}\)
\({\mathbb{H}}_{lj}\)Boolean operator records cache hit or miss of the data \(j\) on router \(z_{i}\)
\(h_{j}\)Hit rate of content \(j\)
\(H_{ij}\)Cache hit rate of content \(j\) on router \(z_{i}\)
\(D_{j}^{i}\)Cache capacity occupied by content \(j\) on router \(z_{i}\)
\(B_{i}\)Benefit of router \(z_{i}\)
\(U_{ij}\)Cache capacity utilization of data content \(j\) on router \(z_{i}\)
\(P\)Average of cache utilization