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Table 3 Percentage of clusters containing only calls, text, and mixed communication events for three proposed modelling techniques. It can be seen that in both FCA and IFCA groups of ego-alter pairs, radial-hours method resulted in smaller percentage of hybrid clusters

From: Text and phone calls: user behaviour and dual-channel communication prediction

Methods Frequently-called alters percentage of clusters (Mean) Infrequently-called alterspercentage of clusters (Mean)
Call Text Hybrid Call Text Hybrid
Planar \(63.9\%\) \(0\%\) \(36.1\%\) \(1\%\) \(49.5\%\) \(49.5\%\)
Radial days \(63.2\%\) \(0\%\) \(36.8\%\) \(1.2\%\) \(50.4\%\) \(48.4\%\)
Radial hours \(81.5\%\) \(0.5\%\) \(14.9\%\) \(3\%\) \(74.8\%\) \(22.1\%\)