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Table 2 Methodology to search, filter, and select the literature

From: Don’t click: towards an effective anti-phishing training. A comparative literature review

Selection step Articles 2003–2018 Articles 2019–2020
Step 1: Search using Google Scholar (GS) using the keyword “phishing” and a filter for the time frame. Only the first 1000 search results were considered 37,300 13,000
Step 2: Remove patents, duplicates, and publications without publisher or source 726 607
Step 3: Determine whether the content is usable by considering publication titles and, if non-conclusive, abstracts, and conclusions 81 67
Step 4: Apply paper quality control filters 77 47
Step 5: Manually check the remaining publications for valuable content 67 37
Total number of publications included in the survey: \(\rightarrow\) 104