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Table 1 Used notations

From: TSME: a trust-based security scheme for message exchange in vehicular Ad hoc networks

Notations Meaning
\(Pr_{v_{i}}\) The private key of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(Pu_{v_{i}}\) The public key of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(M_{b}\) The beacon message
\(M_{ack}\) The acknowledgment message
E An encryption function
\(sign_{M}\) The signature generated for a given message M.
It is calculated by encrypting the message using the encryption function E and the private key \(Pr_{v_{i}}\)
\((x_{i},y_{i})\) The position of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(G_{id}\) A group identifier
\(GH_{id}\) The identifier of the Group-Head
ts A timestamp
\(MP_{TA}\) The public key of the trusted authority
\(L_{c}\) Location closeness
\(T_{c}\) Time closeness
\(F_{c}\) Number of forwarders
\(Tab_{N}\) The neighbors table
\(rep_{v_{i}}\) The initial reputation of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(Id_{v_{i}}\) The identifier of the vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(dId_{v_{i}}\) The identity of the driver of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(s_{v_{i}}\) The reputation score of vehicle \(v_{i}\) representing its reputation during the setting up phase
VS The veracity score representing the trustworthiness of a given message
\(d_{v_{i}}\) The direction of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(c_{v_{i}}\) The manufacturer of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(ph_{v_{i}}\) The photo of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(p_{v_{i}}\) The position of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(vel_{v_{i}}\) The velocity of vehicle \(v_{i}\)
\(s-flag\) A state flag set to ‘B’ or ‘H’ to indicate whether a vehicle is Benevolent or Hostile
\(Verify(sign_{M})\) A boolean function verifying a signature