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Table 4 Used notations

From: TSME: a trust-based security scheme for message exchange in vehicular Ad hoc networks

Notation Meaning
N A set of couples (ab) where a is a new, moving or failing vehicle and b, a vehicle detecting the failure or the arrival of vehicle a.
GL The “initial” set of groups generated after the VGA setting up phase
Members The set of members belonging to a given group of GL
\(V_{GH}\) A GH vehicle
\(V_{m}\) A member vehicle belonging to the set of members Members
\(S(\{V_{n}\})\) The reputation score of a vehicle n belonging to N
\(Failure(\{V_{n}\})\) The status of a vehicle n i.e. true if it fails otherwise false
\(|-^*\) The reflexive application of the proposed inference rules