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Table 12 A comparison between the articles studied on the information in detail

From: Social Internet of Things: vision, challenges, and trends

Article Main Topic Strengths Weakness New Idea
Lakshmanaprabu et al. [67] Effective features to classify SIoT Big Data Maximum accuracy
Improving energy consumption
High throughput
Not considering evaluation cost A hierarchical framework for feature selection in SIoT big data
Hasan and Fadi [68] SWARM-based data delivery in SIoT Low energy consumption
Low network delay
Fault-tolerant routing protocol
Ahmad et al. [69] Feature selection in big data in SIoT High efficiency
Low processing time
High accuracy
There is not any statistical analysis Architecture
Alam et al. [70] Analysis of eight well-known data mining algorithms Improving the accuracy
Considering main data mining algorithms
Not evaluated large datasets and keep it as a future work Comparative analysis
Ahmad [71] Social Element of Big Data
Analytics in SIoT
Improving efficiency
High throughput
No cost A system architecture for data processing