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Table 15 Some studied articles on platforms

From: Social Internet of Things: vision, challenges, and trends

Article Main Topic Platform Scope
Byun et al. [75] Implement an ontology-based platform Lilliput IoT
Pintus et al. [76] Paraimpu platform Paraimpu SWoT
Girau et al. [77] Implementation of a SIoT platform The SIoT platform from Thingspeak SIoT
Girau et al. [78] Cloud-based platform Lysis IoT
Beltran et al. [79] Design a semantic service creation platform A semantic web service platform SIoT
Helal et al. [80] Generate realistic datasets PerSim 3D IoT
Cicirelli et al. [81] Implement social and pervasive smart environments iSapiens SIoT
Cicirelli et al. [82] An Edge-based Platform for Dynamic Smart City Applications iSapiens IoT
Shen Chen et al. [83] Design a new platform for SIoT SIoT
Sanchez et al. [84] Designing a smart environment test bed for Santander smart city SmartSantander IoT
Zhang et al. [85] Architecture design for Social Web of Things SWoT
Pasha [102] Using Thingspeak to monitoring IoT systems Thingspeak IoT