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Table 16 Related datasets

From: Social Internet of Things: vision, challenges, and trends

Provider Dataset Feature URL
CRAWDAD cambridge/haggle Objects Relationship
cambridge/inmotion Location-based
buffalo/phonelab-wifi Wifi scan
columbia/kinetic Energy-awareness
columbia/enhants Energy-awareness
cmu/hotspot Location-based
BitTorrent Traffic Bittorent traffic
copelabs/usense Social interaction
upb/hyccups Social interaction
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reality Mining Data on human mobility–MIT Dataset Community-based
Washington State Universities CASAS Dataset
SNAP Facebook Social circles
Brightkite Location-based
Google web graph Hyperlinks
Gnutella peer-to-peer File sharing
Gowalla dataset Location-based
Gplus dataset Social circles
Epinion Trust Manager
Authors Profiling [103]