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Table 4 A comparison between the different architectures presented in SIoT

From: Social Internet of Things: vision, challenges, and trends

Article Main Topic Strengths Weakness New Idea
Tripathy et al. [9] Considering the main aspects of SIoT Considering some scope for future No simulation Two dimensional-client and server-architecture
Ortiz et al. [16] Considering the main aspects of SIoT Consider the challenges and open issues deeply No simulation A combined architecture of IoT and WoT
Kim et al. [20] End-user programming tool for the SIoT It is easy to learn and use, for both programmers and non-programmers The ontology model architecture
Atzori and et al. [22] Integrate social structure concept in IoT Integration of human social network architecture with SIoT No simulation Relational architecture
Gulati and et al. [23] The semantic perspective of SIoT Semantic-oriented platform No details about their implementation Semantic-oriented platform architecture
Gulati and et al. [24] SIoT architecture Effective communication management Static Three-layer architecture for industrial IoT
Voutyras et al. [96] COSMOS project social approach Improves the knowledge flow A SIoT knowledge flow architecture