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Table 6 Comparison of articles related to RM

From: Social Internet of Things: vision, challenges, and trends

Article Main Topic Strengths Weakness New idea
Kim et al. [20] Empowering end-users for SIoT High adaptability
High efficiency
A programming tool
Atzori et al. [21] SIoT inter-object relationship Considering different probability distribution of distance for each relation type No accuracy in OOR approximation An analysis model
Atzori et al. [22] Social structure in IoT Improving network navigability
Improving network connectivity
Not any implementation or algorithm An architecture based on objects relationship
Fu et al. [28] Social relationship in SSIoTa Higher network stability
Better performance metrics
Faster malicious code propagation SSIoT model
Eddy et al. [29] Social relationship in IIoTb Considering social interactions for IIoT Not evaluating service cost Architecture
Wei et al. [30] Social relationship in physical objects Enhance the speed of the search process
Improving availability
Not any development model for the physical objects’ social relationship Classification of social relationships
Atzori et al. [31] Social relationships between things Implement the major components of the SIoT
High scalability
Need more detail in the proposed architecture Architecture
  1. aSearch Engine SIoT
  2. bIndustrial IoT