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Table 1 Summary of related work on multi-Kinect systems

From: Multiple Kinect based system to monitor and analyze key performance indicators of physical training

References Number of Kinect sensors used Data pre-processing (filtering) methods used Data (skeleton) fusion methods used
[3] 3 Mamdani Fuzzy Inference Scheme (FIS) Maximization of energy sum function over candidate positions
[8] 2 Not used Coordinate transform with joint state inference
[12] 4 Not used Point cloud matching
[16] 2 Not used Point cloud registration in a maximum a posteriori framework
[20] 4 Information weighted-consensus filter (IWCF) Interactive multiple model (IMM)
[31] 3 Not used Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm & Rigid Transformation (RT) to reference frame
[39] 5 Kalman filter Weighted Measurement Fusion
[56] 3 Kalman filter Trajectory matching
[57] 4 Median filter Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm
[65] 3 Double exponential smoothing Weighted position averaging