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Table 2 Accuracy of the three-Kinect sensor based recognition of analysed human poses

From: Multiple Kinect based system to monitor and analyze key performance indicators of physical training

Pose picture Pose title/average error Best recognized segment and its error Worst recognized segment and its error Human skeleton visibility
Standing facing camera
Right ankle–right hand (0.4%) Left wrist–left hand (36%) 100%
Left arm recognized incorrectly. Right leg is not fully tracked
Standing sideways to the camera
Spine mid–right shoulder (0.1%) Mid hip–left hip (54%) 72%
Hands are disproportionate. Right shoulder recognized incorrectly
Squatting while holding legs
Right ankle–right foot (1.5%) Right ankle–right hand (44%) 68%
Legs recognized incorrectly. Fingers are disproportionate
Reaching toes standing
Right hip–right knee (10.4%) Spine mid–left shoulder (102%) 76%
Hands are in wrong position. Head and spine recognized incorrectly
Lying face down
Right hip–right knee (1.4%) Left wrist–left hand (70%) 68%
Proportions of body parts are correct, but positioning is not correct
Standing upside down
Left hip–left knee (1.0%) Neck–spine mid (71%) Recognized as standing normally instead of upside down
Standing on one leg. Bending forward and holding another leg
Neck–spine mid (0.4%) Left wrist–left hand (133%) 88%
Hands are disproportionate
Laying legs up
Right knee–right ankle (0.7%) Spine mid–right shoulder (106%) 64%
Skeleton is completely warped: hands instead of feet. Other body parts are also in wrong places
Spine mid–right shoulder (1.4%) Right ankle–right hand (62%) 88%
Body is not fully tracked–legs are tracked only above knees. Shoulder line is too high
Low start pose
Neck–spine mid (2.9%) Right ankle–right hand (63%) 80%
Legs are incorrect. Spine and neck are not accurately recognized
Sitting. legs straight
Spine mid–right shoulder (1.4%) Left wrist–left hand (53%) 96%
Body part lower than shoulders are tracked incorrectly (points are in incorrect positions)
Bending sideways
Right hip–right knee (0.1%) Spine mid–left shoulder (113%) 96%
Most of the points are misaligned with actual pose
Bend stretching while laying
Spine mid–left shoulder (1.1%) Left knee–left ankle (51%) 80%
Both legs and arms are tracked on arms