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Table 1 Overview of the main data and characteristics of the participants, collected by means of the background questionnaire: gender (G), age (A), computer expertise (CE), previously used software (PUS) [options: Internet, Email, Word Processor, Spread_sheet, Multimedia, Accounting & management, Databases, social Networks, Others], Kitchen Design Software Knowledge (KDSK), Tablets and Smartphones Expertise (TSE), Task Domain Knowledge (TDK), Academic Studies Level (ASL) ranged from 0 to 3 [0: No studies; 1: Primary school; 2: Secondary school; 3: University], and Other Relevant Knowledge (ORK). The final CE of each participant was confirmed with all these items

From: Proposal and testing goals-guided interaction for occasional users

 M/F [0..5][I, E, W, S, M, A, D, N ,O] [0..4][0..4][0..3] 
1F510 No131 
2F480 No131 
5F421I, ENo231 
6F501I, MNo232 
7M241I, M, ONo221Occasional use of IKEA kitchen design app
8F462I, E, W, S, M, A (forgotten)No232Forgotten computer
9F442I, E, W, M, N, ONo231 
10F502I, E, W, M, ONo231Medical software
11F402I, E, W, M, ONo233Medical software
12M522I, E, W, S, M, O (forgotten)No231Pantograph.
forgotten computer courses
13M432I, E, W, M, A, N, ONo221Photoshop
14F353I, E, W, S, M, A, DNo232 
15M433I, E, W, S, M, A, D, ONo223Veterinary software
16M503I, E, W, M, ONo231AutoCAD and
Presto user
17F433I, E, W, S, M, A, D, ONo132Forgotten computer courses
18M523I, E, W, S, M, A, D, ONo232 
19M523I, E, W, S, M, A, OKitchens342Photoshop Kitchen design professional
20F523I, E, W, S, M, OKitchens241Kitchen design