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Table 1 Future users’ proposed functions

From: Designing human-centric software artifacts with future users: a case study

CategoriesSpecific functions
Programs catalogue and related info
(programs catalogue extended by tools that highlight differences among different programs)
A.1 Online availability of the programs catalogue
A.2 Online information per single course
A.3 Online availability of performance indicators per single course
(visual identity, e.g., logo and official colors)
B.1 Online availability of official University templates and layouts (including logos, colors, styles, etc.)
Orientation events
(a means for students to discuss with teachers and staff in order to recognize the curriculum that better fits to them)
C.1 Online information on orientation events
Admission tests and related info
(information needed to take an admission test with a positive result)
D.1 Online general Information on admission tests
D.2 Test simulators
D.3 Calendar
Living the University
(general information about the University spaces, including buildings, classrooms, libraries, and the University campus in general)
E.1 Online information on the University places (buildings, classrooms, libraries, …)
E.2 Online information on the University Campus in general
E.3 Online information on sports facilities
E.4 Online information on apartments to rent
E.5 Online information on the city and its lifestyle
(preliminary support to job/professional activities after graduation)
F.1 Online information on employment and job perspectives
F.2 Online information on specific skills for specific professional figures
F.3 Online information on ethics for specific professions
(services to foreign students and to students who want to be enrolled in international programs)
G.1 Online information on internationalization issues
G.2 Online information on the number of students who study abroad
G.3 Online information on international programs
(channels to contact the University of Bologna)
H.1 Making available Telegram, WhatsApp groups for internal communication
H.2 Making available Online Chats
H.3 Making available social networks for internal discussion
H.4 Making available Forums for internal discussion
H.5 Availability of News Channels
Testing the student’s aptitude
(tests to facilitate the students in finding the right course)
I.1 Online availability of tests for aptitude self-assessment
Generic info and services
(general information, such as accommodations for students)
J.1 Online availability of generic info
J.2 Online availability of information about accommodation and lodging
J.3 Online availability of FAQ sections