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Table 2 Functions proposed by Expert users

From: Designing human-centric software artifacts with future users: a case study

CategoriesSpecific functions
D. Admission tests and related infoD.4 Special simulator including elements of gamification (e.g., applying typical elements of game playing)
E. Living the UniversityE.6 Online availability of vision software for navigation and mapping purposes, within the University
E.7 Online availability of sensors-based software, allowing students to locate their position within the University
G. InternationalizationG.4 Online availability of foreign language courses
I. Testing the student’s aptitudeI.2 Online availability of tools that students may use for comparing courses
I.3 Online availability of bookmarking tools
I.4 Software for matching students with similar academic profiles
I.5 Software for rating a course
I.6 Software for searching and recommending courses
J. Generic info and servicesJ.4 Online availability of a calendar for seminars and academic events