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Table 1 Summary of comparison of our research work with existing works

From: A blockchain-based smart home gateway architecture for preventing data forgery

Research workSecurity architectureMethodologyResearch gapProposed approach
Sivaraman et al. [22]CentralizedManage and verify the certified devices using the Internet Service ProviderDoes not provide security to internal internet environment due to lack of user’s data for analysisEmploy blockchain to manage and verify the certified devices
Copos et al. [23]CentralizedCheck the flow of confidential data using Wireshark for devicesProvide a software specific solutionDoes not use any software like Wireshark
Lee et al. [24]CentralizedManages firmware updates of embedded devices using blockchainDoes not provide security solution to a small smart home wherein small number of embedded devices are connected to each otherProvide a scalable solution using blockchain
Bull et al. [25]CentralizedEmploy centralized control and configuration using SDN to provide flexible and secure communicationCan be result in the problem of a single point of failureSupport a decentralized solution using blockchain