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Table 11 Sample positive comments regarding various aspects of update mechanism

From: How does this message make you feel? A study of user perspectives on software update/warning message design

Response Image #
The fact that it tells you right away that you can continue to use your phone during the update 06
You can use your phone while it is updating 06
It allows to restart at a later time 07
Let’s you know a restart of your computer will be required in addition to details about the update itself (version and size) 07
I like that or explains that it’ll be fast and alludes to your Skype experience being better 09
It explains that it won’t take long which is always a concern 09
It explicitly says that it won’t take a long time... 09
iOS updates are pretty unobtrusive 11
In the corner, and goes away by itself, I do not have to click on anything 14
Informs you of an update without too much distraction 14
It does not effect what I am working on, on my computer 14
It does not get in the way of my work 14