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Table 3 Sample positive comments regarding various aspects of design/layout

From: How does this message make you feel? A study of user perspectives on software update/warning message design

Response Image #
The message box isn’t overly crowded, and it’s nice and colorful 01
It looks like it comes from a trusted source 01
No harsh colors, seems trustworthy 03
It looks really important with the red 02
It’s red, so it does make me pause to think that this is possibly important 02
Color, very specific, says keeps current settings, very positive 03
The update button is obvious. I like that they display the version number 01
Gives a simple option 02
Simple yes/no buttons 04
Easily recognizable logo 01
The icon, color and heading clearly convey its importance 02
The blue background makes it look nicer and calmer. It makes it less annoying 03
Was not blinking and distracting 03
It definitely looks as though immediate action is required. Catches the eye 05
Multiple options to quarantine, repair, reveal or bypass the finding 05
Simple and to the point. Definitely caught my attention and makes me want to do something about it 05
Since this is a risky situation, i like that they made it striking visually so that you can tell it’s something dangerous and important 05
Symbol and yellow/black band gives clear indication this is important 05
The little sign which looks kind of like a hazmat issue is pretty neat and noticeable 05
The range of options given for responding to the message 05
Use of artwork to draw user in 05
I like the format and the font and how it is pretty clear. I like how it tells you how much space it will use 06
Cute icon, simple background. Little bit of text, but has some descriptive words in it. Something about the wording is very calming and reassuring, like somehow if I let the updater do its task, everything in life will be ok. Or at least, everything in Skype 09
Page is so simple, and a button for “learn more” is only two words, as opposed to a paragraph of the details 11